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4 Ways to Achieve a Vintage Glam Bridal Makeup Look

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Guest Post by: Rosemarie Pomilla, N.Y. Prostyle Bridal Professional Airbrush Make-up & Hair

Photo: Rosemarie Pomilla; Hair and Makeup: Rosemarie Pomilla; Model: Evelise Cotto

Would you describe yourself as a vintage bride? Then, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you achieve an old-world glam, smokey eye, and red lip look for your big day:

The Skin – The texture of the skin should be matte and polished. A way to achieve this is to use airbrush makeup or an oil-free foundation. The coverage should be full. Next, apply powder all over to set the foundation.  This will also help to get the “polished skin” finish.

The Eyes – The eyes are the most distinctive part of the look. They are to be smoldering, but not over the top. Warm tones like creams and browns are best. Start with the light cream eye shadow and apply it over the entire eye as a base. Next, apply the brown on the lid, up to the crease of the eye. Blend with a separate, clean eye shadow brush to soften the look.

Apply a black eyeliner pencil to the entire top lid. Smudge it with a small detailed brush to blur the line. Sweep the same brown eye shadow below the entire bottom lash line.  Proceed with the black eyeliner pencil along the outer 2/3 of the bottom of the eye, smudging the line as you did for the top.  Avoid the appearance of a heavily lined eye. The eyeliner should be blending into the eye shadow. False lashes may be applied at this point, followed with mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

The Cheeks – The blush should be a neutral color applied on the apples of the cheeks and swept back towards the ear.  This will give a lightly contoured look.

The Lips – Finally, the lipstick should be creamy in texture. There is no gloss to the vintage lip. The color can be a deep rich red or a warm brick red.  

Let’s review: the old-world glam look consists of polished, flawless skin, smoldering smokey eyes, neutral cheeks, and a rich creamy or semi-matte red lip.

Have fun – and practice, practice, practice!

Rosemarie Pomilla, FIT graduate and former Frederic Fekkai makeup artist, is a licensed and certified beauty stylist, who founded N.Y. Prostyle Bridal in 2001. While she has styled hair and makeup for print, runway, film, and television, wedding day beauty is her specialty and passion!
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4 Feather Headpieces for Green Brides

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Bird-themed weddings are a great way to incorporate feathers and intricate headpieces into your final look. A feather headpiece is a unique alternative to the classic veil that most brides settle for. If you want to look different and classy on your wedding day, a feather headpiece is for you! All of the feathers used in each headpiece are sustainably harvested.

The Kate Middleton-inspired head piece is a must have for your bridal party. It has brown, black and white feathers of different sizes and shapes with small diamond detailing. It also comes in any color of your choice to accommodate your specific wedding colors. If you love Kate Middleton’s fashion, this is the look for you! 

Photo: Kate Middleton Feather Fascinator, Carrie Jenkinson

The jade feather headpiece is a gorgeous alternative to the black and brown feathers shown above with bright and vibrant  shades of jade and green. It also features a light jade hackle feather flower accompanied by light blue ostrich feathers. It would look beautiful with a white vintage inspired wedding gown!

Photo: Jade Feather Fascinator, Carrie Jenkinson

This black and purple feather headpiece is also a chic, eye-catching way to grab the attention of your wedding guests! It has three black sinamay (fabric made from banana plant fibers) pieces sewn together and the black and dark purple fluffy feathers make the headpiece come together at the top.

Photo: Purple Sinamay Feather Fascinator, Carrie Jenkinson

This headpiece has more of a classic look with its pure ivory colored feathers and crystal embellishment. It’s perfect for an eco-chic bride! This collection of goose feathers is mounted again on sinamay and complimented with various feathers of different lengths. This piece is sure to go great with any type of wedding dress design.

Photo: Ivory Feather Fascinator, Carrie Jenkinson

For more fashion and accessory ideas, visit our Wedding Shop!

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We Asked, They Answered: Best Lipstick Shades for Brides

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Here at WeddingWire, we’re always looking for the top wedding trends from around the country. So every week, we’ll ask a group of vendors from all over the U.S. the same question and share their (often very different!) answers.

This week, we asked makeup artists from around the country: What is your current go-to lipstick or lip gloss color for brides that works on most skin tones?

Photo by Kaylee Eylander Photography

Mandy Liento of La Sorella Bridal in Caldwell, New Jersey: “My absolutely favorite lipstick for brides is High Tea by MAC; my favorite lip gloss is Almost Bare by Bobbi Brown. The two blended together give the lips a neutral tone and a touch of shimmer, without taking away from the drama brides want on the eyes.”

Michele Mann of M3 Makeup in Orlando, Florida: “My favorite lip gloss at the moment is Boy Bait by MAC. This is a neutral beige shade that adds a nice gloss over the top of any lipstick – it also looks great by itself. For brides that want that glossy look without being overdone, this shade is perfect!”

Angela Papa of Behind the Veil LLC in Annapolis, Maryland: “I absolutely love Lorac Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick and use it for all of my brides. For fair skin, try Vintage (a light neutral beige). Medium skin tones will glow with Trend Setter (a warm pink champagne), and darker skin tones look great in Iconic (a rose bronze). These colors have a glossy shine and creamy long-lasting finish.”

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Bare Minimum Wedding Makeup for Au Natural Brides

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It is important to look like yourself on your wedding day and I applaud my clients who have the confidence to go barefaced, especially when nearly half of all women report having negative feelings when they don’t wear any makeup (The Renfrew Center Foundation).

However, even if you normally go au natural, you may want to enhance your natural beauty on your wedding day just for the benefit of the pictures. Here are the bare essentials to help you look polished without looking overdone:

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Lovely Braids.

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Whether on the Runway or  Red Carpet, on the beach or down the aisle, the braid is making a huge come back. Braids can range from a tiny accent to the sublimely absurd, you can do them alone or some need a few extra hands – it doesn’t seem to matter  what you do, as long as you do DO!  They have become so popular that you can purchase clip on braids, braided bun wiglets and braid headbands out of human hair in almost every color.   Why the seemingly sudden surge in popularity?  Pop culture has realized that there is just something romantic about seeing tresses woven and tucked in unexpected ways.

Blonde Bride with an updo of curls held up with wrapped braids

This Bride's blonds locks are held up with woven braids

Brides are embracing the trend, and more and more I find myself incorporating braids into a bride’s and bridesmaid’s hair on the Big Day.  For some brides the braid is the style, for others braids simply act to enhance or add interest to her hair do. While each has her own goal for the use of the braid, all brides have one thing in common – they want the look to be romantic.  On the East Coast, the most popular look is a woven  french braid traversing from one side to the other along the nape of the neck and ending with a curly side bun under the opposite ear.   Tuck in a jewel or flower and WOW!                 Jessica Alba with a french braid on the side and a bun in the back.

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The Best Hairstyle for You: Heart Shaped Faces…

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Heart Face Drawing

hair and makeup by: Christine, Wedding Tresses, Photo credit: Meg Baisden

While the goal is always to create an illusion of an oval appearance I have to say this is one of the more romantic face shapes for a woman and with a smidgen of attention can carry a multitude of hair styles.

The tell-tale characteristics of the Heart shaped bone structure are the wide forehead, dramatic cheek bones and a narrow jawline and chin – think Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Love Hewitt.  Most Heart shapes also have a well defined widow’s peak (the ‘v’ portion of the hairline along the forehead).

Our goal here is to minimize the top and emphasize the bottom – in other word’s let’s visually shrink the forehead while building width at the jawline – we want to give fullness where it is lacking.  How do we do that?  

The top half of the head is already wide enough. Keeping that in mind, when wearing updos, downdos or any ‘do’ without bangs  you will want to keep styles lower on the top and thinner on the sides with fullness below the ears ~ this achieves a balance between the dramatic cheek bones and the narJennifer Lover Hewitt, heart shaped facerower chin.  With all styles for our Heart-y girls, too much height on top will give an illusion of an even looonger narrower chin; this is not the most appealing look~ simply add green face makeup and voila! instant Halloween Witch.  (Sorry couldn’t resist that comparison with Halloween just days away!)  If bangs are a go to for you – sweep them of to the side.  This will minimize top width and doesn’t visually cut off your face at the widest point – the temple and cheek bone.

For this girl- the side swept pony or messy bun, a full luscious wide but low bun that can be seen from the front, or a half down style that is thin above the ear and bursting with fullness below are the most flattering styles to be worn.  Gorge to the Max!

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Hair Do, How To: Style Super Thick Hair….

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So many people sit in my chair and tell me that they have “the thickest hair” and I just smile and say “of course you do!”  In reality there are only 8 or 9 people I work with in a year (and I work with close to 1000) who truly have the thickest hair.  These people have as much hair as three people all squashed onto one little head and when you try to do any kind of style on them it either looks too big for their face or it gets pulled tightly back into a confining style.   Neither of those options are options for the women I work with – and if your hair falls into this category, they won’t be options for you anymore either after reading this Hair How To.

Jacki draws a map to reconstruct her designs from on the wedding day

Jacki draws a map to reconstruct her designs from on the wedding day

The Key to styling extra thick hair is to remove 1/3 to 1/2 of the hair.  No, I don’t mean remove it from the head!  Simply remove it from the hair you are using to build your style with .    I accomplish this with a simple braiding technique I have developed.  This spring I worked with Kelly at a gorgeous facility on Cape Cod, The Wequassett Inn, and she was gracious enough to let me snap a few pics of the process so that I could share with you this Thick Hair How To.

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A Little Dab’ll Do Ya…


Every Bride will shed a tear or two on her wedding day- it is an unavoidable fact of being female (and I, for one, wouldn’t change that for anything).  Here are a few quick tips to ensure your Bridal Makeup stays exactly where you put it.

This bride runs the risk of ruining her makeup not by crying, but by using her finger instead of a tissue.

This bride runs the risk of ruining her makeup not by crying, but by using her finger instead of a tissue.

To avoid disturbing your makeup when the inevitable appears, wrap a tissue around your middle finger (this finger will apply the least amount of pressure and has the longest reach) and dab at your tear duct (located in the inner corner of the lower lid near the nose) to capture any liquid.  If a tear does spill over, don’t wipe – simply blot the wet area with a dry tissue and let the makeup reset.  Many brides keep handkerchiefs with them to capture the tears, but Kleenex works much better; Kleenex soaks up the wetness faster than the cotton fibers of the hanky reducing the need to wipe.  If you use your finger alone, it has no capacity to soak up liquid and therfor will smear your makeup as you press in to lift the tear away.

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Just LOVING the Trend Towards the Retro Bride!


The retro look has been on the fringe of fashion for years, I don’t think it actually ever went all the way out of style – but recently the 1920’s – 1940’s retro looks have made a HUGE come back, especially in weddings.  More and more I am seeing brides donning pill box hat veils and the ultra chic birdcage veils and coupling that with a super sexy dramatic red lip.  This trend has makeup artists fine-tuning their technique with red lipstick and hair dressers reaching back to their schooling days to retrain their fingers to do fingerwaves and pin curls.  Ah, but the results are so worth it.

This 1920's inspired look was created by Jacki Norrie of Wedding Tresses and photographed by Jill Person of Person+Killian

This 1940's inspired look was created by Jacki Norrie of Wedding Tresses and photographed by Jill Person of Person+Killian

Retro is defined as the century prior, in this case 1900 – 1999, and is broken up into decades that are clearly  delineated by a specific look;  the most famous of which are the 1940’s where extreme glamour ruled the day.  Today’s Retro Bride is taking inspiration from the 20’s and 40’s when she is planning her wedding attire and designing her beauty look.  She is having success designing her look by working with ateliers like Edna Mae’s in Newport, RI. and Ellen Christine Millenary in New York.

The 1920’s inspiration comes from both Louise Brooks, who popularized the very short bob, and the fingerwave.  The early 20’s ushered in the Louise Brooks look, later modernized by Isabella Rossellini  It is characterized by its length, just below the ear,  the sweep of the front pieces being arced in a curve towards the mouth and it’s short straight bangs. Later in the 20’s  fingerwarves with deep-set curves and firm peaks were all the rage.  Women wore hair nets to keep their styles in perfect shape.

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Imagine a classically veiled bride-to-be, a sheer, delicate layer of tulle across her face. This traditional, elegant look is embraced by many women as a way to pay a timeless homage to the past. Veils with a “blusher” (the piece that falls over your face) are two layers, can be full or sleek, long or short, and have a lot of style!

Blushing Bride

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