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How to Throw a Green Bridal Shower

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So many themes and creative ways to throw a bridal shower, how can you choose just one? Well, if the bride to be is as committed to the environment as her fiancée than a green bridal shower is the perfect idea!

Invitations – Why waste paper when you can just send your invitations online? Evites are an easy way for you to keep count of RSVPs and allow you include all the details of your shower on one site. You can use sites like or If you really want to send physical invites, opt for recycled paper.

Guestbook – Instead of having a guestbook, ask everyone to sign a white matting in a large frame. It will be a memorable keepsake and can be used to display a formal wedding picture after the big day. And it won’t waste all that paper!

Favors – Flower seeds make a great favor for an eco-friendly shower. Attach a note asking each guest to plant the seeds in honor of the couple’s new life together. Or you can make your own handmade soaps with all natural ingredients!

Centerpieces – Consider using small pots of flowers or small trees as a centerpiece for each table. Play a game to decide on each table’s winner and ask them to plant the tree at their own homes.

Food – Serve locally grown produce that can be kept at room temperature like finger sandwiches or wraps. In addition, serve food and drinks on real plates and use real glassware. It make take more effort to clean, but the environment will thank you.

Creating Your Registry – Creating a registry can be as easy as 1, 2, 3, using Deposit a Gift. Deposit a Gift offers a simple and great way to create your bridal registry. You’ll save on shipping, returns, and products you just don’t need. You can personalize your site with your photos and themes. Just fill our your details, and you’re good to go!

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4 Burlap-Inspired Wedding Ideas

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If you want to plan a wedding that has a more rustic/country feel to it, a burlap wedding is the way to go! Burlap is a very inexpensive fabric and has many uses for a wedding. You can decorate your cake with it, create table runners, utensil holders and more. This burlap wedding cake is simple yet beautiful at the same time. The burlap fabric adds a rustic touch against the classic white fondant. Adding the bow made out of burlap and flowers makes the cake look elegant and polished.

Photo: Burlap Cake

These invitations mimic a rustic burlap appearance and are the perfect way to invite your guests to your spring or summer wedding! These invitations are a change from the typical paper invitations that most brides choose. The beautiful flowers featured at the bottom of the invitation add vibrant color to the natural burlap.

Photo: Burlap & Spring Flower Invitation Suite (20 ct), The Chartreuse Goose

Decorating your wedding reception with these burlap wrapped candles is an easy way to spruce up candle holders. You can easily turn a simple candle into a unique decoration by wrapping burlap around each candle and adding elegant jewels or vintage brooches.

Photo: Sweet Tennessee Wedding 

This unique bouquet is made entirely out of burlap to look like beautiful roses.  This is a natural, eco-friendly alternative to the classic bouquet that most brides usually carry down the aisle. The natural colors of white, brown and tan are a beautiful and earthy color scheme.

Photo: Burlap Wedding

For more rustic burlap decor, visit our Wedding Shop!

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4 Butterfly-Inspired Wedding Cakes

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Every bride knows that their wedding cake is one of the most important components of their special day. The cake has to look beautiful and taste good too! Butterfly-inspired cakes are very popular and since butterflies are naturally colorful creatures they make for gorgeous and vibrant cakes.

This gorgeous butterfly wedding cake features the blue morpho butterfly, which has bright blue wings edged with black. Their vivid color and beauty will make your cake stand out. Having the butterflies placed against a solid white fondant makes their fabulous color impossible to ignore. Opt for sugar butterflies or something made from recycled or sustainable materials. This cake would be perfect for a spring, summer or garden wedding.

Photo: Cake Central

This golden butterfly cake is elegant and intricately decorated with golden roses and butterflies. The golden colored butterflies sparkle, creating a contrast against plain fondant! This cake has a rustic and warm color tone that is ideal for a fall wedding and the changing leaves that come with the season.

This butterfly cake is very simple yet striking. The three butterflies are intricately designed to look more life like and feature gold embellishments. When choosing cake adornments or toppers, look for glass butterflies or another delicate material that can be saved after the wedding as a memento!

Photo: The Butterend

This butterfly wedding cake is colorful, bold and eco-friendly because it features an assortment of butterflies made from edible wafer paper. You can eat the butterflies instead of tossing away a disposable topper. The butterflies come in beautiful hues of blue, lavender, orange, pink, green and earth tones. This cake incorporates many of the butterflies that many of us do not see very often in nature, making this a unique and one- of-a-kind cake!

Photo: Fancy Flour

For more beautiful butterfly inspiration, visit our Wedding Shop.

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Green Chinese Weddings: The Year of the Snake

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Chinese lanterns are a great way to light up your ceremony or reception. Lanterns are an eco-friendly alternative to regular lighting because they use less energy and many of them are made from rice paper. They also are a traditional Chinese symbol of good wishes and hope for the future, which is a perfect sentiment for your wedding. These lanterns are handmade and 100% biodegradable.

Photo: Kiss Me DIY Paper Lantern Kit, Create it Girl!

In traditional Chinese culture, after the wedding ceremony and before the reception, the bride will serve tea to her in-laws in a formal ceremony. This ceremony is regarded as more important than the reception, which is typically very short. A fun way to make the tea ceremony eco-friendly is to use a family heirloom antique teapot or one made with ceramic. You can also use organic tea!

Photo: Organic Tea

Another great way to make your Chinese wedding eco-friendly is with your wedding invitations. Invitations that use seeded paper can be planted after they are opened, blooming into beautiful wildflowers! These unique invitations feature bamboo, another symbol of good luck for your special day!

Photo: Chinese Bamboo

Flowers are a big part of any wedding celebration. The lotus flower is a popular flower in China and symbolizes purity. You can green your traditional Chinese wedding by using locally grown lotus flowers. The leaves of the flower are also edible and used mainly to wrap vegetables. This would be a great way to add in organic and eco-friendly food options to your wedding reception!

Photo: Lotus Flower Bridal Bouquet 

For more Chinese inspiration, visit our Wedding Shop!

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Illuminate the Night with String Lights

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A backyard wedding is a perfect way to incorporate unique and energy efficient lighting. Many people have their reception at dusk, so they can enjoy a night under the stars. String lights are a simple and creative way to illuminate the dance floor and get the party started.

These handmade leaf string lights can light up your celebration. Their leafy greens are ideal for spring and summer weddings when nature is lush and blooming! Each light is handmade from fallen leaves that have been delicately dried and preserved. These lights come in a variety of different colors to match your wedding.

Photo: Handmade Leaf String Lights, Cottonlight

Rattan string lights can be used for festive indoor decor during the day, and they can also light up your celebration at night. Place them around the mirror in your venue’s restrooms or around the doorways for an added glow. These string lights are handmade from 100% cotton string, rattan and fallen leaves.

Photo: Rattan String Lights, Cottonlight

Floral-inspired lights are a more creative approach to outdoor lighting. These lights are ec0-chic and vibrant, plus they look like the real thing because they are made from fallen leaves. Choose from sunkissed yellow or rich purple hues or buy a variety of colors to brighten up the room.

Photo: Handmade Flower String Lights, Cottonlight

If you don’t want nature-inspired lights, single color ball lanterns are simple yet still very elegant.  They are completely eco-friendly using 100% cotton string and are handmade to order.

Photo: Single Color Ball Lanterns, Cottonlight

These flower string lights will create a romantic feeling at any outdoor wedding. The lights look just like big beautiful blooms and come in your color of choice. Their gauzy, sheer material makes the center light pop. In addition to being elegant, these lights are handmade and eco-friendly using 100% cotton string.

Photo: Romantic Flower String Lights, Cottonlight

For more backyard ideas, visit our Wedding Shop!

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All Natural and Nautical

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You and your partner will be tying the knot in style in a nautical-themed wedding. Invitations to your special day set the theme for the whole wedding experience, so it is important to make them as beautiful and memorable as possible. Nautical-themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular in the summer and are much more simple and elegant than other themes. They can take place in a variety of different places from a beach, yacht club, and even a restored lighthouse. Here are some must-have eco-friendly details to inspire you:

The swirls and lobster invitation features a beautifully designed red lobster with intricate blue detail.  They are printed on 100% post consumer waste paper that is FSC certified and uses soy based ink from a printer that follows a very precise recycling disposal.

Photo: Swirls & Lobster Invitations (10 ct), Tilia Press

These simple invitations are perfect for a wedding that is held at a beach or by the water. In addition to the cute whale and starfish, these invitations are plantable! They are printed on 100% seeded paper, which will bloom into beautiful wildflowers once planted.

Photo: Ocean Whale Invitations, ForeverFiances’

The turquoise crab invitations are another great way to incorporate the nautical theme into your special day. It features an intricately designed turquoise crab with blue stripes. They are printed on 100% post consumer waste paper that is FSC certified and it uses soy based ink.

Photo: Turquoise Crab Invitations, Tilia Press

These sea shell thank you cards are a great way to send out a special message to your guests after your special day. They feature a simplistic drawing of a fan shell.

Photo: Sea Shell Thank You Cards, ForeverFiances’

These sailor knot bracelets make a great accessory for you or your bridesmaids. Each individual bracelet is tied using white cotton cord and is available in different sizes.

Photo: Sailor Knot Bracelets (25), Mystic Knotwork

These coasters make for perfect favors. They are 100% white cotton and made to be woven as a turk’s head knot. Made from the most authentic materials, these coasters are long-lasting and durable protecting your tables from moisture.

Photo: Nautical Coasters (100), Mystic Knotwork

The mystic sailor bracelet gives a more elegant edge to the traditional look of the knot bracelet. It is made with bright white cotton and outlined in blue satin. In addition to being elegant these bracelets are made from local cotton, polyester and uses eco-friendly fiber reactive dyes.

Photo: Original Mystic Sailor Bracelet, Mystic Knotwork

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A Sunkissed Summer Wedding

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There are many advantages to having a summer-themed wedding. If the weather holds up, you can plan a ceremony outside with fun lawn games like croquet and bocce. You can also have your wedding at a picturesque location such as a beach, forest, lakefront, desert or sunny meadows. You and your guests will be able to take in the natural beauty on your special day. If you want to do something really summery, go with the tried and true beach wedding.

These beach theme seed favors are a perfect way to leave your guests with something to  remember your wedding day by. These favors are hand folded from seed embedded paper, which is also plantable. It features a metallic silver star fish and a biodegradable ribbon. These are perfect to place on each place settings or simply put them on a table to be picked up and taken home when leaving the wedding.

Photo: Beach Theme Seed Favor (10 ct), Bizzi Bee Studio

These message in a bottle place card holders are ideal for a beach-themed, summer wedding. The place cards are printed on a white metallic vellum paper and embellished with a starfish on the cork stopper. This is a fun and creative way to let people know what table they should be seated at. Gallery 360 works with natural seashells that are natural byproducts of the seafood industry and each natural seashell or starfish is never taken alive.

Photo: Message Bottle Escort Cards (50 ct), Gallery 360

This pyramid keepsake bottle is a perfect gift for your wedding guests or bridal party. This keepsake bottle is built with recycled glass and can be filled with candy or other trinkets for your guests. Your guests can take this home and be reminded of your special day for years to come. All of these keepsake bottles are engraved in silver script with the message, “Gather sand and shells to remember the time you spent here…Thank you for joining us.”

Photo: Pyramid Keepsake Bottle, Seaside Collections

The hibiscus wedding invitation is a perfect way to incorporate a tropical theme into your wedding. The hibiscus flowers are infused with bright and vibrant pinks and yellows. These wedding invitations are printed on 100% recycled paper which will bloom into beautiful wildflowers once  planted.

Photo: Hibiscus Wedding Invitations, ForeverFiances’

For more summer wedding inspiration visit our Wedding Shop!


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Eco-Friendly Jewelry for Everyone

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Here at the Green Bride Guide, we have compiled a list of our favorite engagement and wedding band sets from our wedding shop. Not only are they sustainable and unique, but they are also unisex and look great on any couple whether they are gay, straight or transgender. Our ring sets are for everyone and are created using recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones. These ring styles are perfect as his and his, hers and hers or his and hers sets!

This recycled gold wedding band set is ideal for a modern couple. This is a handcrafted piece of jewelry made of recycled yellow gold with a unique square shape.

 Photo: Recycled Gold Modern Square Band, Anne Holman Jewelry

This round cut band set is a perfect size made entirely from titanium with a silky mirror like finish.

   Photo: Round Cut Band Set, Jewelry by Johan

The inlay band set is made from genuine Gibeon meteorite that fell to Earth billions of years ago and was discovered in Namibia in 1838. The crystalline grain structure is very unique and contains “widmanstatten” lines that were caused by the meteorite slowly cooling.

Photo: Meteorite Inlay Band Set, Jewelry by Johan

This ring set comes with two rings: one has a titanium inlay with Mokume Gane (wood grain) and the other is made from Damascus stainless steel with a bird’s eye patterns. The Mokume consists of silver and copper mixed together in a pattern. The stainless steel is 100 percent corrosion-resistant and  does not require special treatment.

Photo: Momuke Gane Band Set, Jewelry by Johan

For more rings and jewelry visit our Wedding Shop!

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Bird is the Word: Sustainable Invitations

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Having a bird-themed wedding provides the perfect opportunity to donate to an organization in your guest’s names that supports our feathered friends. You can also ask guests to donate to a charity or foundation that supports winged wildlife in lieu of gifts. Love birds and bird cage themes are really big this season, so you will have no problem finding beautiful and sustainable wedding decor, invitations, cake toppers and more.

This invitation is ideal for a spring or summer wedding. The simplicity of a love bird-themed wedding is a unique way to share your wedding with guests. These invitations are perfect for a wedding in a park or botanical gardens. They are printed on 100% recycled plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant the paper after the wedding and watch beautiful wildflowers bloom.

                        Photo: Cream Love Bird Invitations (50 ct), ForeverFiances’ 

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4 Green Ideas for a Wedding in the Park

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Park weddings are becoming very popular in the spring and summer. Many people do not  take advantage of their local or state parks, but they are a great area to have a wedding in a natural setting. Guests will be able to enjoy the outdoors while gathering for your special day. One may choose to have their wedding in a city park such as Central Park or somewhere a bit more secluded in the countryside. Either way, your special day will be remembered as being extra unique and eco-chic!

Send your guests news of your impending park wedding with plantable forest wedding invitations. This hand drawn artistic representation of an old tree is a great way to enhance your theme and comes in an earthy brown color or a vibrant green. All of the invitations are planted on 100% handmade paper and are printed on luxurious plantable paper, embedded with wildflower seeds. Guests will be able to enjoy the special wedding invitation as well as the beautiful flowers that come with it once you’ve planted the invite.

Photo: Plantable Forest Invitations (50 ct), Forever Fiances’

These cute owl cake toppers are another great idea for a park-themed wedding. These are completely hand crafted and designed from wood accented with wood burning techniques. They are painted in non-toxic water paints and finished with a natural sealer, then lightly polished with beeswax cream. Both owls come with a painted red heart, and the groom has a black hat and bow tie. Each topper comes with “Owl Mine” written on the bottom. This cute cake topper is ideal for a fun and outdoorsy wedding.

Photo: Owl Bride and Groom Cake Topper, Pokeberry Patch

Branch place card holders are a perfect way to let your guests know where they are sitting at the reception. These are ideal if your park-themed wedding is at a state park or in a forest. They are rustic looking but still elegant and simple. Each stump is hand selected and can be used for place settings, table number holders, food table name cards and more. The wood used is always from fallen trees. No trees are ever cut down to protect the wildlife and forests. Natural methods are also used to dry and preserve the materials.

Photo: Branch Place Card Holder, Roxy Heart Vintage

Wood save-the-date magnets are another unique way to incorporate a park-themed wedding. You can engrave the location of your park wedding, as well as the the couple’s names and wedding date. These save-the-date magnets are a great way to make sure your guests are well-informed of the date of your wedding: magnets are a great reminder because they are easier to stick on the fridge and keep track of than a piece of paper. The magnets are 100% biodegradable and can be created in a variety of wood choices.

Photo: Wood Save-The-Date Magnets (Cut-Out), Unique Custom

For more park wedding ideas, visit our Wedding Shop!

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