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Visual Entertainment – Multimedia Is a Big Hit for Wedding Guests

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Photo: Abella Studios

If your goal for your wedding reception is to create an amazing experience for you and your guests that will be remembered forever, you must think of ways to engage your guests and keep them entertained.   There are probably hundreds of ways to do this, but for many, hiring a band or DJ is the solution.  Wedding entertainment has gone through some incredible changes.  You might not recall, but not so long ago, DJ’s were almost non-existent on the wedding entertainment spectrum.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s, DJ’s embraced their role as entertainers, providing a master of ceremonies and leading guests in line dances.  There was a time when this was what was expected. About ten years ago in 2002, when I started my venture with Unforgettable DJ’s, we recognized that there were many couples who wanted a personality to host their reception, without the cheese that was often associated with audience participation and hokey entertainment options.   Now, in the second decade of the 21st century, a new era of entertainment is upon us… er.. you.  It is becoming commonplace to engage and entertain your guests with visual entertainment.  Part of this relates to the many facets of lighting.  Another form of visual entertainment is video or multimedia.

Have you ever gone to see a move at a movie theater?  Have you every surfed YouTube or watched a video on your smartphone?  When was the last time you went to a restaurant, bar or club that didn’t have a TV hanging from the wall with sports, news or video playing on it?   If you’re being honest with yourself, you know where I’m going with this.  Video is all around us in this technological society, for a good reason. It’s awesome!  Video is stimulating, entertaining and energizing.

If utilized correctly, video screens can be a welcome form of entertainment that will excite your guests and turn on the visual receptors as added encouragement to dance.  So you have these big screens at your reception, now what?  What goes on the screens?  If you have an experienced professional to rely on, they will be be able to offer ideas for the many uses of the screens.   You may be able to leave it up to and trust them, or they may give you a list of the many options for a more customized experience.   Here are some popular ways in which TV screens are used.

  • Event/Theme Branding: For corporate and social events alike, weddings included, it is just cool to see your theme, colors or your names on the screens.   Much like your name in lights (the popular monogram projection), a bold and powerful statement that can personalize your reception with a contemporary feel is a custom designed screen or motion graphic consisting of your name, colors, or other personal touches.
  • Candid Wedding Day Photos:  With the permission of your professional photographer, a candid photographer can capture images throughout your day.  The images captured can be displayed on the screens, making your guests feel special.  It’s a sense of surprise that engages people, seeing images displayed only moments after being taken.  If your photographer doesn’t permit this service, ask if they would consider displaying some of their professional images on the screens.
  • Photo Montages: A well produced photo montage edited to music can create powerful and sentimental moments.  A through the years  style montage features images of a couple through childhood and their early years together with close friends and family.  Another option is to put pictures or video to the music used for special spotlight dances, such as when a bride dances with her father or a groom with his mother.  A fast paced montage could be played immediately before or during your grand entrance.
  • Music and Ambient Video: This is perhaps one of the most powerful, yet underestimated utilites of the TV monitors.  Music is good alone, and video is good alone, but together they are amazing!  The mixture of colors, textures, ambient graphics and well produced music video content is what subconsciously excites guests and encourages them to get out of their seats to dance.  When you go to a sporting event, watch the Grammy’s or hit the clubs, you will see video screens used to enhance the mood and atmosphere.  This well accepted form of visual entertainment is not out of reach for your wedding.  Just as it engages thousands of people at a live concert, it will engage your friends and family at your reception
  • Live Simulcast:  With the right equipment your entertainment could be able to go through a live feed from the reception on the screens.  It could be a stationary camera with an overview of the dance floor or a roaming camera that is in the action. Your guest will get a kick out of seeing what’s happening around them, some of which they might otherwise never see.  Additionally, with a high speed internet connection, this live feed could potentially be streamed for guests that are far away or with health issues, which keep them from attending.
  • Interactive Media:  Text messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are amongst our society’s most popular communication platforms.  It’s understandable that some couples prefer to discourage their guests from typing on their mobile devices, but with people’s passion for immediate gratification and communication, it might be unrealistic to think they won’t grab their phones to tweet a pic, check in or instagram throughout the night.  By displaying a hashtag, the screens can be turned into your hub for an interactive experience amongst your guests.  Guests can instagram, tweet or facebook photos which can then be displayed on the screen.
  • Video Speeches or Toasts:   Want to surprise your family, friends, husband or wife with a special appearance by someone that couldn’t make it to the wedding?  The TV monitors might be the way to do it.  This can be done with a prerecorded video message or a live video call.  Imagine the surprise!
  • Same Day Edit (SDE):  Cinematographers are breaking new ground with creative films which are directed, filmed, and edited on the wedding day.  These films are then displayed during the wedding reception.  Breathtaking immediacy.  With audio being played from the professional sound equipment and the creative film boldly presented on the TV monitors, everyone will have goosebumps as they are mesmerized by this seemingly impossible reality.  If you have never experienced a same day edit, below is perfect example, which shows the newlywed couple’s reactions while it’s being played at the reception.  This film is by Abella Studios.

These are just a few of the popular uses for TV monitors.  As you can imagine, the options are practically limitless.

Having a good group of uninhibited guests is an assuring ingredient for a successful reception. An experienced and reputable host or emcee is always essential to guide your event, open the dance floor and catalyze dancing.   The right music at the right time makes for a seamless flow.   Now, you are presented with a new element to consider–visual entertainment.  Multimedia can really turn up the entertainment experience for you and your guests.

Interesting facts:

  • Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
  • 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook, and over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute

These statistics can be found on YouTube’s press page.

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Cinematic, Dramatic, Documentary, What Does it All Mean?

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As I continue to meet with couples shopping for their wedding videographer I realized it’s time to once again revisit the truths and myths about wedding videos and their styles. In addition, I want to clarify some of the lingo which has couples scratching their heads, and trying to figure out the difference between studio A and Studio B.

As studios try to differentiate themselves from one another, they create innovative new adjectives to describe the same products and services which have been offered for years.

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Cinemacake: Scrumptious!

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Have you faced the “should I have a videographer, or shouldn’t I” dilemma during your wedding planning?  Have you thought to yourself that still pictures will be enough?  I am such a big proponent of the art of cinematography to capture your memories.  With this medium you feel every nuance, witness every action and equal reaction, and you have a perfectly orchestrated production to relive each moment.

Dave Williams and his staff from Cinemacake Filmmakers in Philadelphia are award winning experts in their creative capture of all your wedding memories.  See for yourself… but have some kleenex near by!

Lisa & Cesar:

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Photography vs. Videography? Do both!

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wedding- photography4

Why photography and not videography? If a picture captures 1000 words, a video captures at least 30 frames (pictures) per second.  Based on that knowledge shouldn’t video be the most important item on your wedding list.

Let’s put a few things into perspective. If you are spending a few hundred dollars on a cake, a few thousand on a dress, a few hundred on flowers and you’re about to throw a party where everyone is getting dressed up, why would you skimp out on the two items that preserve that memory?

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Evolution of the Wedding Dance – caught on video

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Now, I am going to share something very exciting with you. But I just wished that this could have been documented by a professional videographer with clean audio, which could have been captured from the DJ’s mixer. This is the mistake that you do not want to make!!! Your wedding day is very unique so I hope that you will have a professional to document the day, specially if you are organizing entertainment like this. I hope you enjoy this video and I wish you success with planning a special first dance for your guests.


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Un-Traditional Photos!


As the wedding season gets underway in the North East, we continue to see the gradual increase in couples coming in to look for their photographer and videographer.

One trend which I hear I hear the request for over and over again, is for non-traditional shots, and although candid shots may be a great way to get many untraditional shots, you can also discussed some posed shots which are out of the norm.

Shots with back lighting, such as the photograph above, can make for a unique silhouette image or a fisheye lens can offer a different perspective on an otherwise ordinary shot.

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Wedding Day is Over, NOW WHAT?

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“What did you just say? Did you just ask me to “trash my dress”? Wow, that sounds like an excellent idea…Let’s do it!!!” This is the kind of reaction that I imagine happens when a bride is beginning to discuss what to do with their wedding dress with their photographer. According to, this process is all about creation, rather than destruction, which i completely agree with. I have had the pleasure of documenting a “Trash the Dress” session between a photographer, Josh Rodriguez based out of Dallas, and one of his clients. What can I say about the experience? It was definitely a different kind of shoot and we got to do some really cool things. Now if you’re a fun-loving, adventurous, and daring bride craving some excitement, then this option is for you.

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It’s not all about the Bride.

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Everyone Likes the Spot Light

Everyone Likes the Spot Light

As your wedding plans get under way the big proposal from the groom is quickly replaced with wedding plans. The dress, the shoes, the flowers but what about the groom?

Photography often begins with bride’s preparation, but what about the groom?

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Wedding Bookshelf

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I often get asked from our brides, if I have any books that I would  recommend for them in the planning stages of their wedding? And, the answer is Yes, of course. There are some very useful books out there that I often refer to and others that I have purchased for my fiancé, since we are planning our own wedding. I recommend these 5 titles, but feel free to browse through the other titles:

  • The Best Wedding Reception…Ever! | by Peter Merry
  • Jo Gartin’s Weddings : An Inspiring Guide for the Stylish Bride | by Jo Gartin
  • Emotionally Engaged – A Bride’s Guide to Surviving the “Happiest” Time of Her Life | by Allison Moir-Smith
  • 1,000 Best Secrets for Your Perfect Wedding | by Sharon Naylor
  • Your Stress Free Wedding Planner – Expert’s Best Secrets to Creating the Wedding of Your Dreams | by Alison Davis
  • BONUS for all my eco-friendly couples (like us) — Organic Weddings | by Michelle Kozin
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The Bridal Preparation!

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Wow, the time flew by and it’s the morning of your wedding day and the hair and makeup artists is at your door ready to make you perfect for your wedding day.


Many couples are not sure if they want or what kind of coverage is included in the bridal preparation for both photography and video and although the final product may vary from studio to studio, below are some great photo and video examples of what you can expect.

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