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Designing For Your Wedding Food

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We spend a lot of time planning the perfect flowers, the just-right invitation, the gorgeous glam gown, and the oh-so-trendy entertainment…so one of my best pieces of advice to our clients that want a complete and unified aesthetic is…don’t forget to design your food or appetizer stations too! A little bit of attention in this area goes a long way to making the food experience even more WOW on your wedding day!

Catering: JPC Event Group
Florals/Props: GARNISH Event Design {a division of JPC Event Group}

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Catering Matters, Featuring the Island Chateau

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In many of my posts, I discuss on the importance of catering for your wedding day. Top notch cuisine, for many couples, defines their wedding and is critical to the overall success of the celebration.

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Part II: What Wedding Reception Style is Right for You?

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Last week I shared the pros and cons of a buffet style reception as learned from my experience as a Wedding Planner for Vintage&Lace. Now it is time to discuss the polite plated option:


–Better suited for formal weddings or small groups.

-Stronger distinction between courses which also makes for a longer meal.

-Guests do not have to get up or stand in lines for their meal.

-Picky guests are usually more impressed with a plated meal.

-If you want picture perfect food, a plated meal delivers.

-You don’t have to make space for a big buffet in a small room.


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Boisterous Buffet or Polite Plated: What Wedding Reception Style is Right for You?

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Weighing the pros and cons of a buffet vs. plated reception is a heavy task.  While the jury is still out on which is best, here is what I have learned about each to help you reach a final verdict.  First up, the buffet option:


-Usually less expensive (though not always!)

-Provides a greater selection and give guests more control over portion sizes and food likes/dislikes.

-Guests don’t have to choose between chicken, steak or fish; they could have a little of all three!

-If you are behind schedule, buffets are more forgiving than plated meals.

-Items are more consistently served at the right temperature

-Some guests can have seconds while light eaters won’t waste an over-filled plate.

-Getting up gets guests mingling!

-Works well for large groups… IF the buffet tables are double-sided, well stocked, and guests are called up by table – calling tables ensures guests won’t stand in an ultra long line.

-A great option if the reception site is located a distance away from the kitchen, such as outdoors. Read Full Article

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Having your bar and drinking it, too: 5 tips for reception bars

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“To drink, and what to drink? – that is the question…” – Melissa Kay Shakespeare Allen

Just like any other wedding element, when deciding the specifics of your bar and beverage service, budget and costs go hand in hand with your wedding day priority – how important is the element in relation to the other elements that need to be paid for?

Take a look at your guest list:

  • is it dominated by college buddies who will certainly want to raise a bottle (or seven) of beer with you all night?
  • or is your guest list populated by foodies who love to sample wines and will be pairing appropriately with their entree selection?
  • does half the family refrain from drinking while the other half will more than make up for their abstinence?

What about your reception theme and design..?:

  • A speakeasy theme would require some kind of vintage cocktail
  • A ranch house barbecue menu would be served well with cold beer and a wine punch, like sangria.
  • Is there a locally grown or produced wine or beer or spirit that you might like to incorporate?
  • Is there a specific beverage that you always order?  If so, a signature cocktail is in order!
  • What time is the wedding?  A luncheon or brunch offers a different approach and expectation then a Saturday evening.

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Kids at Your Wedding Part II: Kid Food

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At the last wedding my family went to, my kids thought they had died and gone to heaven when the waiter rolled out with plates piled high with chicken fingers, fries, and individual serving bowls of ketchup, just for them. While I as their parent had been fully prepared to load them up with whatever was on the adult buffet, and had snacks aplenty in my purse, the kid food was an unexpected – though much-appreciated – special gesture. It let us know that the bride and groom had put some extra thought into making all of their guests happy, even the kids.

Check with your caterer to see what your options are for kid food. Since this food is typically inexpensive and easy to prepare, you may be surprised at what a budget-friendly option this can be. Here are some ideas for welcoming just a few (or a whole crew!) of kids:

1. Special Plates: If you’re only expecting a handful of kids, it’s probably most cost effective to order just the number of kid-food plates you need. And while you may be giving your grown up guests the option of chicken or fish, it’s really not necessary to ask little Nancy to select “pizza or mac-n-cheese.” Believe me, Nancy will be thrilled with any option that isn’t available on the hand-rolled sushi bar!

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Monday Morning Bartender

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In a sea of thousands of cocktails, mixed drinks and fine wines, how do you go about choosing something innovative and special for the signature drink of your reception?  You turn to an award winning mixologist and expert on the subject for inspiration!

Dan Smith, Creative Director at Good Gracious Events in Los Angeles, California was honored last month with a CATIE Award for Innovations in Mixology and he chronicles his creations within his blog Monday Morning Bartender.

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Of Superior Culinary Craft-ing…


If you haven’t had lunch before reveling in this drool worthy wedding produced by my friends at  Culinary Crafts of Utah, you are in red-alarm trouble!  As if a stunning rustic reception environment created with gorgeous leather seating vignettes, sensational natural chandeliers and Vineyard feasting tables wasn’t enough to ensure an unforgetable wedding day, the award winning amazing culinary staff at Culinary Crafts created such a memorable menu with layers of components that were delicious and approachable and just…well, DELECTABLE…see for yourself…

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A Change of Venue…

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Though “outdoor” anywhere! still tops the list of favored wedding sites, today’s bride has a bevy of venue options available to her for consideration.  Many are off the beaten path and require a little imagination, but can have stunning and unique results.

Urban Theaters…

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Rethinking the Usual: Food Trends of 2011

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If you like to live in the City, you should know this already. We are being surprised on a daily basis with the new amazing stuff that our talented chefs are coming up with. I believe New York’s fast paced life style, demand of wanting something new, exciting and different combined with its ever changing fashion trends is what’s driving them to come up with new ideas every day.

Below is my list of the trends for 2011 that amazed me! These are the things that I have heard of, saw or tried myself.

Unexpected Ingredients – One of the biggest trends in the city is “Vegetable Dessert”. It did not sound very inviting to me at first but once I tried Beet Macaroon! I loved it. You would never think you are eating a vegetable.

Mixing the cultures – Try Mexican/Italian Pasta or Persian Ghorme Sabzi Pizza and to top it all remember Chef Daniel’s French Twist on Traditional American Thanksgiving Dinner last year?

Be Different – Have you tried ABC Kitchen’s Sunny side up pizza? Or in another restaurant I saw “Specially Hand Cut” steak tartar? Or Pernod Flip cocktail which has lemon, eggs and nutmeg in it? Talking about being different, try Elixir G. This new ginger mix tastes awesome in your drink and adds a bit of spice to it.

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