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Why False Eyelashes Make a Difference in Photos

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Guest Post by: Stacey Triplow, Beauty by Stacey

Photo: Jen Rodriguez Photography; Makeup Artist: Beauty by Stacey

When it comes to photography and makeup, there are tons of tips and tricks professional makeup artists can recommend. It’s no secret that photography has a tendency to lessen the vibrancy of makeup. So, the fix? Go a little heavier on the lipstick, blush or eyeshadow to ensure it still has that “pop.” But something that you might not realize are lashes, just like makeup, can easily go unnoticed if not properly looked after. Meaning, your lashes – even if you have the fullest set of lashes in the world – will still not translate as that in photos.

Think about it. Most of the photos you’ll get back from your photographer on your wedding day won’t be of your gorgeous face featuring your makeup. Most likely the photographer will be more interested in you, in your venue’s details, and a full length photo of you and your hubby. You should pay attention to those little things you call eye lashes, and the power they actually posses in photos, particularly taken farther away.

Properly curled and mascaraed false lashes will do wonders for your face. They will not only finish off a beautifully manicured bridal makeup application, but will also lend to a bright-eyed look. It allows you to look – and sometimes even FEEL – more awake than you really are!

Haven’t worn false lashes before? Don’t fret! There are tons of different types of lashes on the market nowadays from strips to individuals, mink to synthetic. Literally anything you can think of they probably already have, and depending on what you want to achieve will depend on what type of lash you’ll need.

In the end big, fluttery lashes have always been a trademark for women everywhere, and when it comes to your wedding day, what better way to impress your spouse-to-be than with luscious lashes.

Stacey Triplow | Owner, Beauty by Stacey

Stacey Triplow has been a makeup artist in and around the San Diego area for the past 9 years. Although she’s worked with many genres of makeup, she always found herself gravitating towards bridal makeup for real brides. Nothing gives Stacey greater satisfaction than working with brides on their big day and seeing their excitement at their transformation. Her inspiration is to enhance beauty naturally. She believes that beauty first comes from within and it’s my job to complete the picture by making my client feel beautiful on the outside.
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Keep the Blush in the Cheeks and the Bags Out From Under the Eyes

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Keep the Blush in the Cheeks and the Bags Out From Under the Eyes

Floral Embroidered Border & Cut Edge Veil

Weddings take a lot of planning, and there are a lot of decisions to be made, but one of the most essential aspects a bride needs to take care of for her wedding day is herself. If you ever take the time to sit down with a couple that has been married for several years, and more particularly the wife, you will probably encounter this phrase, “You can’t possibly love your husband completely unless you love yourself” or “You have to take care of yourself first, and then you will be able to give yourself to someone else” or otherwise love someone entirely. Part of what marriage is about compromise, understanding, compassion, and a little give and take. You can’t participate in that if you have nothing to give. Along side that, a lot of people will tell you that, particularly as a woman, if you are ever feeling down or depressed, you should start everyday by getting dressed for the day, doing your hair, and putting a little powder on your face. It isn’t about a woman needing make up to be beautiful or have self esteem. It is about caring about yourself enough to actually take care of yourself. All of this advice applies both to the many years of marriage and to a bride preparing for her wedding day. As the bride you MUST take care of yourself. Here are a few ideas on how:

Jillian Michaels' Calorie-Burning Workout

1) Don’t you dare starve or go on an extreme LGN (Looks Good Naked) diet. 

Part of being happy (and I don’t mean the fleeting happy that comes with seeing the pounds drop, but the happy that exists beyond the numbers on a scale or a waste size) is understanding and taking care of your body. If losing some weight is a part of being healthy, then okay, but lose weight in a healthy way, not in some form of a starvation diet. Honestly, the best way to be healthy is to eat right and work out in a way that is good for your body. Jillian Michaels has a ton of workout that are great for women of any body type and she has great tips for nutrition and daily activities to help keep you moving. Having a healthy body is not about not eating, that will just encourage your body to store up fat and eat at your muscles, instead it is about eating the right foods. So, find a healthy diet plan by either talking to your doctor or really doing your research and keep in mind the following advice: A blogger wrote about how her five-year-old daughter angrily noted that she was getting fat. The mother, quite astonished, knew that she was the person that her young daughter would have learned it from. Since then she has decided to disallow herself from complaining about (or feeling bad about her weight) and instead live by the following a new mantra “Live active, eat healthy, enjoy your loved ones, and let the weight fall where it may.”

Wedding Collectibles - Mrs. Bath Wrap - White

2) Mental Health Days

For most brides planning a wedding will not be the only thing on her plate and while wedding planning may come with a support group like your maid of honor and mothers, things like a a full time job, school if you are in college, and any others activities or club involvement you have will rest entirely on your shoulders. And for some brides, they won’t always have a good support system to plan their wedding. The on top of all the exterior stressors, the bride is also trying to present herself as that glowing bride on her wedding day. With all that, there is a ton of pressure on the bride, it is no wonder the bridezilla has become a cliche. Solution: Take a mental health day. Basically, treat yourself. If you are a mani/pedi kind of gal, go to your favorite salon, buy yourself some new nail polish, or for a lower budget, get yourself your own manicure or pedicure kit. For either option, and more particularly if you are staying at home with your own kit, turn your phone off. Sure, send your fiance a text that you will be out of touch for an hour or two, but turn it off. Stay off Facebook and forget about calling vendors, or checking off another box on your planning list. Unwind, refresh, relax, and indulge yourself. There is a reason why the seventh day is a day of rest. We need to rest in order to be productive and you are going to have a lot to be productive about when planning a wedding, so be smart and take a day off.


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Green’s Never Looked So Good

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Put your best face forward on your wedding day! Avoid products containing chemicals that are harsh on your skin and the environment, and make the switch to green skincare products!  There are hundreds of healthy, eco-conscious alternatives that will leave your skin looking younger and feeling fresher than ever before!

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Photo-Ready Wedding Manicure Ideas

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On your wedding day, it is important to have your nails photo-ready. While most guests won’t notice whether your hands are freshly manicured or not, you certainly will when you look at your photographs after the wedding. Don’t neglect this part of your wedding day look and give your nails a little TLC before you walk down the aisle!

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Top 10 Most Important Things for Your Wedding Day Morning

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photo credit:

What is supposed to be the most glorious day of you life can begin with a morning of stress and frenzied activity.  To help you create that atmosphere of excitement, anticipation and relaxation you have been envisioning (yes you really can relax on your Big Day!), I have put together a  Top 10 Most Important Things for Your Wedding Day Morning list. These items focus on the most important part of that time – your beauty of course- and are based upon the many, many wedding day mornings I have been present at (Yikes! That number must be close to 2 thousand by now).


1. Hire Beauty Professionals to come to you.  This is the most precious gift you can give yourself on this day – by having your pros come to you you are allowing yourself time to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment.


2. Have a professional do your makeup.  While you may be the professional at doing your own face, the pros know all the things you don’t.  They know the tricks that make you look fantastic with flash photography while still looking yourself in person to your guests.  They are masters at applying and choosing the correct makeup for your skin to resist sweat and tears (and there will be both!). Think of it this way – you are paying how much ot have your pictures taken?  And you will pay them how much to use Photoshop after the day to correct the images?  ‘Nuf said.

Yikes!  Photoshop anyone??

Yikes! Photoshop anyone??

3. Ask your Beauty Team for a schedule of the day’s appointments ahead of time so you can assign each person to a specific time.  This cuts down on the “no, you go first – no, really you go… I’ll wait” conversations that are volleyed back and forth like a tennis ball eating up valuable time.

4. Let everyone who is receiving beauty services know any instructions you are given by the Beauty Professionals as to how to prep their skin and/or hair prior to receiving services.  This will vary based upon the practices of the pros.

5. Tell each person to arrive 15 minutes before their time on the schedule.  There is always someone who is running late…

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Counterintuitive and Other Reasons Brides Should Take Up Yoga

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Joe Fornabaio for The New York Times

At 8:46 this past Wednesday morning, I was well into my daily yoga routine at the Houstonian in Houston, Texas, and far, far away from the fax, computer and iPhone email, and quite deep into a twist that had taken me perpendicular to the floor. I listened for further direction from Rie Congelio, my blithe and breezy “Yoga Body” instructor.

Actually, in the last four years of yoga practice, Rie had said many instructional and inspirational things in her class, yet in the next few seconds she would utter one word that would possibly influence thousands of WeddingWire brides, not to mention change lives, bodies, minds.

So, I listened and over my measured inhale, I heard: “Your next move will be counterintutive.” Say no more. Get me out of here, I have a message for my brides. I packed up my Manduka professional mat and rolled out.

“Counterintutive,” became my mantra. Listen, yoga, at its heart, is about the balance of opposites. The balance in Life. The juxtaposition of Ying and Yang; breath in, breath out. So for brides, who are on what seems a non-stop, life altering twelve month marathon to the alter, or Cabos, the opposite life approach in life would be most welcomed.

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Creating that ‘Bridal Glow’

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There is nothing more relaxing and yet exciting as having your hair and makeup done on site for your wedding; just as if you are on the set of a movie. But this day is not about a screenplay, it’s one of the most important days of your life and looking like you (and not someone else) should be the plan. As much as makeup can accent your look it should never be relied upon completely for the Bridal Glow. During the busy time of planning your wedding be sure to take care of yourself, it is amazing how eating properly really helps taking care of your skin.

Just how do you get the famous “Bridal Glow”? Some ideas to think about are to open your eyes with the use of specific eye shadows and eyeliner. A soft look would incorporate brown eyeliner, and pink tones. A more glamorous Hollywood look would include dark eyeliner and more red tones in the blush and lips. For a trendy mysterious look, a smoky eye is perfect in hues of grey and browns with a nude or mauve lip color. Keep in mind a bad reaction to new makeup or a disappointing hair color is the last thing you need before the wedding so as we said ‘plan ahead’. We’ve seen it happen so don’t set yourself up for unnecessary stress. A slightly enhanced version of your natural beauty is all that is necessary for achieving the legendary “bridal glow”.


In order to find the perfect hairstyle to complement your flawless skin, many elements factor in: the shape of your face, your height, and the style of your veil. If you don’t know where to start, look first to your wedding gown. If it is highly formal, it may call for a classic upsweep, or sleek and chic, topped off perfectly by a chignon. With the help of a professional, almost any style, whether it’s a sophisticated bun, a chignon set off by tiny flowers, or a French twist, it can be altered to fit the formality of the occasion and the style of your gown and veil. There is one thing to keep in mind if you have hair extensions. Because of the tracks put in place to secure the hair, you may not be able to have your hair in an up-do. Check with your stylist because if that is what you want, you may have to forgo the extensions or have them put in special for the day.

When you visit the stylist, bring as much of the ensemble as you can: veil, jewelry, a photo of your gown, and any other photos of styles you prefer. Schedule a trial session a few weeks before the wedding; having it done in advance will test your love for the style and its durability throughout the day. A trial session will also give you a sense of the amount of time you’ll spend in the stylist’s chair. Be straightforward with them about the result; if it’s not quite right, you can always come back for another session. Please know in advance the trial sessions are not free.

Having smooth, perfect nails will be the finishing touch to your wedding look; don’t forget your hands will figure prominently in photographs. Manicures and pedicures are also wonderful stress-fighters. If you are wearing a shorter gown for the reception perhaps you can select a fun color for the toes, perfect for those flashy peep shoes!

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Why Starving Yourself Before Your Wedding DOESN’T Work

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One of the biggest stresses for a bride-to-be is how she will look in her wedding gown on her wedding day. Will she look fatbridesfat? Will she look flabby? The issue floats around in her brain for months: all the pictures, the wedding album, the wedding video …she MUST look gorgeous!! All ladies start out exercising but sometimes make the mistake of starving themselves the week before their big day. Not only will that NOT help you lose your last few pounds, it’ll actually make you fatter. How? By slowing your metabolism down to a screeching halt. Here are a few tips to keep the pounds off:

1. Start exercising slowing: If you haven’t worked out for awhile, don’t go full force into an exhausting workout plan. Ease into your program by doing light cardio and 1-2 reps of 10 on light weights. After week 1 you’ll be able to increase both loads.

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A Wedding Day Lip Gloss with a Great Cause


Just because it’s no longer Breast Cancer Awareness month, doesn’t mean we should stop talking about this very serious matter. It also doesn’t mean we should stop helping to raise money for breast cancer.

SWAC_lipglossPurple Lab’s creatrix Karen Robinovitz understands this and has given us one of the best products I’ve seen in years: SWAC (Sealed with a Cure) lip-gloss. Before I get into the amazing story behind this lip-gloss, lets’ talk about how great it feels to wear it. The lip-gloss goes on smooth and silky without being sticky. But don’t think its one of those non-sticky lipglosses that goes on like water and lasts about 20 minutes; this gloss stays on for hours. The color is a shimmering pale pink so you can literally wear it anytime, anywhere and it’s scented with a hint vanilla so it smells delicious. Now to the great back-story: a portion of the proceeds from each SWAC lip-gloss sold goes to the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. “The Triple Negative what?” you ask yourself? Yeah, I had no idea what it was before last week either. Turns out it’s an extremely aggressive form of cancer that affects younger woman. Sounds like something you should be aware of right? The lip-gloss color itself is named ‘Nancy’, in honor of Nancy Block-Zenna who lost her fight with triple negative breast cancer two and a half years after her diagnosis. Even better than all of this? SWAC is available all year round , not just for one month out of the year. So, you can wear it on your wedding day, know it will stay through the ceremony, and you’re benefiting an awesome cause!

Thank you Karen Robinovitz for creating such a great product with such an important cause!

For more information on triple negative breast cancer, please go to

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Trials and Tribs of Wedding Day Makeup

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Your dress is dazzling, your shoes are spectacular, your jewelry is divine….but you still haven’t figured out what to do about your makeup?!

One of the biggest debates is should you DIY your wedding day makeup or pay someone else to apply it for you? On one hand you’ll be saving money but on the other…you may risk looking like a not so hot. (Frankly, either option can be fabulous or disastrous.)

Soooo….Let’s play the YES and NO game together to figure out what you should do. Remember girls: Answer honestly!! (Yes: 1 point – No: 2 points)

1. I never leave the house without perfectly blended makeup!

not so much.

Musical genius: perhaps. Award-winning cosmetologist: not so much.

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