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Business Name: Tanglewood Gifts & Stationery

Service Category: Invitations

Location: Houston, Texas

Years in Business: 26 years

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About Me:

Marjorie is a author, nationally recognized wedding and etiquette expert. She wrote and published the best-selling book, "The Write Stuff: A Modern Guide to Personal Stationery & Weddings." IT's now in its third printing. She recently completed a national book, as well as interviews on news and talk shows at ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. She is a professional inspirational speaker, and her signature topic, "Wed & Write Beautifully," has been a favorite of brides across the country. Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, she moved to San Antonio, Texas in 1963. She graduated from Trinity University with a degree in philosophy. She founded, The Max Agency, a Houston-based public relations and advertising business. Since 1989, she and her husband, Jim, own, Tanglewood Gifts & Stationery. She has one son who is a personal trainer. She has a comical, intelligent and beautiful tri-color Bull Terrier. Her friends and family are the central focus of her life.

About My Business

Owner of a Texas retail icon, Tanglewood Gifts & Stationery, Marjorie's clients include past presidents, first ladies, rock and movie stars, sports legends, celebrities, socialites as well as the girl next door. She is fun, witty and her wealth of knowledge and experience makes each bride feel right at home and confident. She works with brides all around the Lone Star state as well as on the East Coast, Colorado to LA. Her store is one of the hippest shops in Texas, yet Marjorie blends the traditional and elegant so every bride can have her heart's desire. The store is the ultimate A-Z resource.Bridal couples can save themselves angst and many wrong turns by calling on Marjorie in store, by phone, one the internet, 24/7.

My Proudest Accomplishment

Hands-down, it is a WeddingWire Ace! However, some might say it is writing and publishing a best-selling book, going on a national book tour, and soon to accomplish a third book printing in 8 months. Others could point out that I created the first financial television and radio talks in the country, whose format is now the centerpiece for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Fox.

My Favorite Pasttime

My passion remains writing ,speaking. She has resumed a lifelong passion: landscape photography of the American Est.

Why I Love My Profession

Simple: the bride, her groom, her family, her best friend! It is all about joining in on the fun of a fabulous wedding experience. From the moment, she sits down with a wedding invitation album, the magic of the moment, of the event begins. What a wonderful place to be, alongside a bride as she makes hundreds of selections and decisions for the most important day in her life. 21 years of, "Wed & Write Beautifully" bliss.

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