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Laura E.

Laura E.

Business Name: Laura Eaton Photography

Service Category: Photography

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Years in Business: 6

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About Me:

Paul and Laura Eaton are a husband and wife team of photographers based in Philadelphia, PA. They have been working in the wedding industry for over 6 years and couldn't love it more! The business is based not only on creating meaningful, beautiful images, but on having a great connection with their clients. Paul, originally from England (sadly he no longer has the accent!), is a self-taught photographer who started his career in headshots and commercial work. His wife Laura brought him into the world of wedding photography, and he quickly became addicted to the challenge and creativity of weddings. Laura, also a self-taught, is native to the Delaware Valley area, started out in fine art black & white. After her own wedding, she thought she could bring something unique to wedding photography. 6 years later, together with Paul, they have made a name for themselves in the Philadelphia area and have shot destination weddings around the world. Their award winning work has been featured in Rangefinder Magazine and Philadelphia Wedding Magazine, as well on many wedding websites.

About My Business

Laura & Paul achieve a delicate balance detailed, yet unobtrusive-high style, yet rich with emotion. The relationship they develop with their clients is the key to their evocative images. Laura & Paul constantly challenge themselves with photographic projects to further develop their skills, adding depth and meaning to their work. This ever-evolving style ensures that each wedding is fresh and different. Laura & Paul's ability to balance "the technical" and "the creative" has made them award winning photographers and highly sought after in the Philadelphia area, and around the world. Available for international travel.

My Proudest Accomplishment

I think our proudest accomplishment has been being able to get into destination weddings. We never dreamed that photography would take us so far - both figuratively and literally!

My Favorite Pasttime

Traveling, racing cars (that would be Paul, not Laura!) and eating out whenever we can!

Why I Love My Profession

We get to photograph people on the happiest day of their lives - what's not to love?

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