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Business Name: Holly Heider Chapple Flowers Ltd.

Service Category: Florist

Location: DC, MD, VA

Years in Business: 17

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About Me:

I love all things related to flowers. My parents were landscapers and growers. I actually grew up on a huge plant farm, so flowers have always been a part of my life. In order to impress my husbands family on our first date, I tried my hand at floral design. I drove all over the countryside picking wildflowers. I have been designing ever since. After we married and had kids, I started designing for weddings. I wanted a business that would allow me to stay home with the children. I became one of the leading wedding and event florists in my area. I have been designing flowers for weddings and special events for the last seventeen years. I continue to operate our business out of a studio in our home where we are raising seven children. My husband and I both grow on our property. We use those blossoms as supplements to our designs. We design wedding flowers in DC, VA, and MD. I believe learning to design with the elements we had on our property, or what I could find in nature, made me the truly creative designer I am today. My true love of flowers has lead me on a wonderful path. This passion for design not only helps to support my family but brings pleasure to hundreds of people weekly. I am a very lucky lady, I get to spend my time in a shop full of beautiful blossoms and children.

About My Business

I am a preferred vendor for many of the areas leading estates, vineyards, resorts and restaurants. I have been published and sit on several boards.

My Proudest Accomplishment

My ability to maintain a 22 year old marriage, raise 7 children and have a successful and fulfilling career

My Favorite Pasttime

playing games, reading, and swimming

Why I Love My Profession

I love finding the one element that takes the ordinary and makes it into something extraordinary. Flowers are like people each unique with their own strengths and weakness.

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