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Jennifer Reitmeyer


Business Name: MyDeejay, Inc.

Service Category: DJ

Location: Washington, DC / Baltimore, MD

Years in Business: 10

Company Website

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About Me:

I am the president and co-owner of MyDeejay,, a wedding disc jockey company serving the greater Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area. In addition, I operate Wedding IQ, a blog focused on the business of weddings. I'm also the Washington, DC host for Thursday Therapy, a networking concept for wedding business owners created by Sage Wedding Pros. I've been part of the wedding industry since 1997, and have worked in a variety of fields including catering sales, banquet management, event planning and entertainment sales and marketing. When I'm not completely immersed in the wedding world, I spend my free time with my amazing husband and partner, Evan, and our two awesomely rambunctious little boys. I'm also an active volunteer with a local organization that advocates for children in foster care, and am into music (of course), reading, and wine -- though not necessarily in that order. I love interacting with engaged couples and other wedding pros, so please don't hesitate to leave comments or email me questions directly so I can answer them in my posts! My address is Jennifer [at] Hope to hear from you!

About My Business

MyDeejay offers an exclusive roster of 10 of the top disc jockeys in the Washington/Baltimore metro area. We operate our business on a few core principles: excellence in our performances, personal and attentive service, fairness in pricing, always delivering on our promises, and doing things "the right way." We have earned practically every award and accolade in our industry, but we consider our highest honor to be the thank-you notes we recieve from our satisfied customers every week.

My Proudest Accomplishment

Building a company from the ground up that does business "the right way." The awards and accolades we've received are an honor to say the least, but that's nowhere near as special as knowing every client we serve is treated exactly as they should be. Another thing I'm extremely proud of is having become an industry leader when it comes to environmentally responsible business practices. Being the nation's first 100% carbon neutral wedding entertainment company, and influencing others to make their business "green," has been a tremendous source of pride.

My Favorite Pasttime

Hanging out with my best pals and greatest supporters: my husband and two little boys!

Why I Love My Profession

I'm so passionate about running a truly great business, and to do so in an industry with such tremendously high stakes, and so much emotional significance for its clientele, is unbelievably rewarding. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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