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Carla -

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Years in Business: 8

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Hi everyone! First of all, I am an online retailer of wedding cake toppers and accessories. I grew up in Orange County, California, and semi-recently graduated from Chapman University with my B.A in English (boy does time fly!). My family has been involved in the wedding industry designing bridal accessories since 1980, so I’ve literally been surrounded by all things wedding my entire life; i.e. I have distinct memories as a toddler flipping through the pages of Modern Bride. To no one’s surprise, soon after graduating I was drawn back to my roots and decided to take a progressive step forward, and open a wedding website. Thus Wedding Collectibles was born! Like most entrepreneurs, I live and breathe my work for what feels like 24/7, and I am proud to say that the success of my site has allowed me to continue designing innovative wedding products to suite different personalities and wedding themes. My hope is to answer any questions you may have about buying product for your wedding, be it online or at a boutique. So have fun, and congrats on your engagement!!

About My Business

At, we are here to help your "Dream Wedding" become a reality. The Wedding Collectibles team specializes in offering a unique and quality selection of wedding cake toppers and wedding accessories for the modern bride. We are very selective as to what we put on the site, and as a result, we do not have one of those huge online stores full of the good, the bad, and the ugly. We have many products to accommodate all types of brides, from the budget wedding to the lavish wedding. So whether your style is classic and elegant, whimsical, or just downright silly, you are sure to find the perfect cake topper for your special wedding day. Feel free to visit us at:

My Proudest Accomplishment

Honestly, my proudest accomplishment may be the creation of my website, I am not naturally a techie sort of person, so the construction really challenged me to amp up my computer skills (as an English major, my computer expertise didn’t go much further beyond Microsoft Word); learning software, hardware, html, photography skills, Photoshop, the list goes on and on….

My Favorite Pasttime

Oh wow- this could potentially be a long list but if I have to pick a top five: Traveling, hanging out with my friends, reading, playing piano, and good food!

Why I Love My Profession

We absolutely love the creativity our job affords us. We're constantly looking for new ideas for cake toppers and wedding accessories. We go to arts and crafts stores, and peruse the new trims and fabrics, as well as just taking pictures of anything we see when we travel that can serve as inspiration for something new. Then before you know it, an idea becomes a new wedding collection, and we have the satisfaction of seeing our designs carried out and being a part of someone's very special wedding day!!!

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