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Business Name: Abacus Wedding Studios

Service Category: Photography/Videography

Location: New Jersey

Years in Business: 10 In Business over 25 Years Industry Experience

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About Me:

Hello I’m Alex, a New Jersey native, who truly enjoys working with newly engaged couples in creating their dream wedding album and video, at his New Jersey based studio. I love hanging out with my 4 year old daughter, my 18 month old son, my wife and my Boston terrier, Brutus. Since our studio is pet friendly, and we see ourselves as one big family, we often take turns bringing in our dogs which make the day that much more, interesting. My studio family, are also my closest friends, which makes work that much better and when we are not in the studio, we are usually riding ATVs, skiing, fishing and doing anything and everything outdoors. Working with some of the largest and well respected corporations out there and having done some significant travel, love helping couples or anyone in planning an event, honeymoon or vacation. I also love hearing about weddings or events which were a bit out of the ordinary and I always love a good travel story, especially from an exotic location.

About My Business

Abacus Wedding Studios is a subsidiary of our Multi-media Company, AVP Multimedia, which offers custom web design, photography, video production and everything in between to commercial clients, which include but are not limited to L’Oreal, Audi, Motorolla, Bank of America and many other national, regional and local organizations. Our wedding couples have full access to our team of professional graphic artists, photographers, videographers and video editors, to ensure that their wedding memories are getting the best professional attention in the industry. Servicing the New Jersey and Tri-State area, we are also often asked to do destination weddings. Abacus Wedding Studios, has been featured in many publications, for our unique album design and post production work.

My Proudest Accomplishment

It is difficult to admit to any one accomplishment, especially when you have two beautiful kids, but that credit goes to my wife. I am extremely proud of our studio, and the many memories we have preserved. I know that sounds cliché, but its true! I am also proud that our company took part in one of the most ground breaking marketing campaigns ever done. Working for Campfire, Chelsea Picture and advertising giant, McKinney, AVP Multimedia produced and directed, the live web cast portion, of a multi-platform marketing campaign for Audi’s A3, called the Art of the Heist.

My Favorite Pasttime

It was traveling, now it’s hanging out with family and friends, doing outdoor activities. I love creating video montages and experimenting with new digital media gadgets.

Why I Love My Profession

Couples and people in general tell me that I seem to love what I do, and my explanation is easy. I deal with people who are generally happy and are looking forward to working with me and our studio. I have the luxury of working with couples planning one of the most exciting days of their lives and that excitement, is something I get caught up in and enjoy. “I have yet to meet a couple who was not happy planning their wedding……stressed maybe, but never unhappy.”

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