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Four Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding

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Destination weddings are a growing trend. There’s a reason why couples are choosing to get married far away – in fact, there’s 4 of them! For memories that last a lifetime, you’d be hard pressed to beat a destination wedding!

1. Your family and friends are spread across the country. When half the family is East, half is out West, and you’re down South, which do you choose? Meet in the middle on a sprawling ranch, or somewhere tropical in the Caribbean, or even somewhere romantic and faraway like Paris.


2. A destination wedding is a small wedding. And a small wedding is intimate. You’re unlikely to have 100 guests at a destination wedding. Instead, you’ll have a small exclusive intimate guest list with your closest friends somewhere special.


3. Your guests will love an excuse to take a vacation. We all want to get away somewhere special, but often just don’t have the excuse. But give them an offer they can’t refuse, and they’ll be so happy to join you on your big day.


4. No need to worry about the honeymoon. While most spend the day after their wedding in a mad rush of travel, you’ll already be at your destination, with nothing left to do but relax and enjoy married life.


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