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Kendra Asks: Is it too early to send my invitations?

My destination wedding is two months away. Is it too early to send out the invitations? The hotel discount code is in the wedding invitations, so we want people to have that information as soon as possible.

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  1. Richard Newton

    Richard Newton


    First of all, with destination weddings, it’s critical that you get the info out as soon as possible, guests have a lot of planning to do (perhaps you have already sent a save the date.) In your case, however, you fall within the normal 6-8 week window for sending invitations, so get them out pronto. It’s also really important to have a website for destination weddings, guests will have a lot more questions. If the website is not already part of the invitations, have simple “website business cards” printed up and include them with the invitations. Also, be sure to let your guests know the hotel cut-off date – if it’s a busy season, hotels can be really strict about that.

  2. Christa F.

    Christa Rose


    Hi Kendra,
    It certainly is not too early for you to send out the invitations. In fact, if you did not send out a “save the date” you should send them as soon as possible so guest have ample time to make travel plans. If you did not do so already, it may be good to create a wedding website with recommend hotels, activities, directions and other details that may be helpful to your guests. All the best!

  3. Marjorie Maxfield


    Whether a destination wedding or an in-town event, I suggest in my wedding etiquette book that four weeks is the customary time, yet each wedding if different. A bride needs to calculate when to send the invitations out.

    It is very simple!
    Take your calendar. Mark your wedding date, then count back one week. This is the date that the catering department at the venue most probably needs to have your final count. Do confirm this though.
    Now count back one more week. This week you will have a few friends call those guests who have not responded so you can finalize your list.
    Now you are two weeks out from your wedding date.
    Now subtract two additional weeks, so you are putting your invitations in the mail 4 weeks in advance! If you need more “wiggle” room then push the mailing date back.
    I know you have heard the standard time is “6 weeks,” yet this is typically too far in advance unless it is a destination wedding or on a national holiday weekend.

    Post your hotel discount code on your WeddingWire site as soon as possible. Perhaps send a quick email to those quests who need this information.
    Bon Voyage and Good luck!

  4. Kathryn H.

    Kathryn H.


    I’d have to agree with my fellow experts on this one! You fall within the standard window for sending wedding invitations (6-8 weeks) as it is, and having a destination wedding means you need to take extra care to provide an additional document, email or website to answer questions as quickly as possible.

    I also recommend that,as a courtesy, you consider calling personally the friends & family members who may have more travel planning challenges than others (if you haven’t already). The personal touch never hurts and you might find that those conversations give you additional insights into questions that others might have about the wedding.

  5. Ferinoosh Khosravi



    I think you should mail them right away specially because it is a destination wedding. I also recommend to calling them as well. congratulations and all the best.

  6. Laura F



    No it’s not too early to send them out! Destination wedding invitations can go out up to a year in advance, especially if the wedding is being held outside the country.

  7. Rachael Halpern

    Rachael Halpern, Wedding Ace


    Hi Kendra!
    Definitely get those invitations out ASAP! Most guests really appreciate the extra time to save and make plans for a destination wedding. I hope you have a wonderful wedding and don’t hesitate to ask any more destination wedding questions! :)
    -Rachael, Vintage&Lace