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Janella Asks: What flowers come in pastel colors?

I would like pastel colours for my wedding flowers: pink, lilac/mauve, pale yellow and pale peach – what flowers would you recommend?

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  1. Christa F.

    Christa Rose


    Hi Janella! The time of year you are getting married will play a big role on the colors/flowers available to you. Your florist will be able to help you figure out what is available without any issue. Here are a few flowers that should work well with your color scheme… Ranunculus, Roses and garden roses come in all of the colors you are interested in. Think about using foliage to help soften the colors… for example, dusty miller helps to tone down all the colors and will soften the entire look of the bouquet/centerpieces.

  2. Jody Wimer


    Hi Janella-
    Some of our favorite pastel blooms are roses, spray roses, sweet pea, freesia, stock, snapdragons, lisianthus, tulips and . Check out for a great “flowers by wedding color” search option- this should help generate inspiration!
    Thanks for posting a question!
    WeddingAce Jody Wimer

  3. Kate Harrison

    Kate Harrison


    Hi, Janella!
    Ask your local florist what flowers will be in season for your wedding. The florist can then help you find flowers in your color range that are available locally and will reduce waste and emissions. Also, you can get creative with your floral arrangements and add buttons or ribbons in your color pattern! Hope this helps!

  4. Donna Lindsay-Goodwin


    blessings Janella,
    Dependent on time of year, your flower choices will vary. Spring offers tulips, freesia, lilacs, lilies and daisies. Summer ushers in the more vibrant and bold colors, to which the addition of whites and pale greens help in toning them down. Fall brings in softer colors once again. Consider using silks for your flowers also. Pastel silk flowers are also available and last forever.

  5. Camiila


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