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Top 10 Honeymoon Booking Blunders-Part 3

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Last week we brought you part 2 of our Top Ten Booking Blunders.  Here’s the wrap up of a couple more things to avoid when planning your honeymoon.

Photo Courtesy of: Conde Nast

Photo Courtesy of: Conde Nast

  • Not getting the travel insurance-No one ever plans on having to come up with $15,000 because their appendix burst in Mexico, but I know a guy that went through it. If you are in another country more often than not your health insurance will not cover you. And the medical provider will insist on payment in full before you are discharged. This can be financially devastating for you and your family. The insurance is a fraction of the cost of the trip. Get the insurance.
  • Not understanding the flight times: There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a crowded dirty airport with nothing to do for 6 hours, or having to change planes twice before you reach your destination. While the shortest flight times may be a few dollars more, it’s usually worth it. And remember, you’re going to be completely wiped out the morning after your wedding. We usually recommend that you have a day off to get rested and organized between your wedding and honeymoon departure.
  • Letting a family member take over your honeymoon plans– I once worked with the mother-in-law from you-know-where that dictated the entire honeymoon planning process based on what she liked. The couple couldn’t have been happy with it. Your honeymoon should be about the two of you. Don’t let a family member, no matter how well intentioned, coerce you into a honeymoon that you don’t really want.
  • Obsessing over online reviews- all too often I see a couple who had been really excited about their honeymoon go into a full blown panic over something they’ve read on an online review site. You never know where those reviews came from, what motivated that writer to post it, or how their behaviour could have influenced the outcome of their trip. A travel agent can really be your best resouce for planning your honeymoon. While online reviews are helpful, they’re not written by people staking their professional reputations on the outcome of your trip. Your travel agent is.
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  1. michelle


    one more thing to keep in mind… your NAME! My in-laws surprised us with the gift of our honeymoon, and handled all the booking arrangements, too. However, while they thought it would be SWEET to book my plane tickets under my NEW LAST NAME, it was nothing but a headache for me. Knowing I wouldn’t have time to legally change my name and get new ID before the honeymoon, I spent the next week calling the hotel, airlines & travel agents, changing my name on file back to my maiden name.