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Savvy Ways to Catch the Moment

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The Hollywood moment of an engagement comes and goes so quickly! If you ask any married woman about their engagement, there is usually a long-winded story paired with excited eyes and happy memories. Make sure you have more than just a ring to take with you once the proposal is over. Here are a few ways to ‘preserve’ your engagement:

  • Take a picture. Perhaps you have someone scouting out the area that promises to catch a few shots of the two of you in action. If not, revisit the site the next day and have someone take some pictures of the exact spot the proposal took place. It also might be the perfect canvas for your engagement shots!

  • Journal to each other. Take some time out of the excitement and celebration to write your thoughts and feelings to each other on that day. There are so many things you will face in the coming months…and these letters may be groundwork for your vows!
  • Save the reaction value. Use your Flip or video camera to capture some feedback throughout the day (i.e., your mom’s disbelief that it’s ‘finally happening!’ or your dad’s sigh of financial relief!) This will make for great laughs someday, not to mention a great tool for future anniversary parties.

While you can never fully recreate the moment, you will be glad you took the time to memorialize it right then and there. And then, let the planning begin!

*Photographs taken by Stacy Reeves (

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