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Engagement Sessions… Why You Need One!

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The Feds Love ShootMany photographers these days have engagement sessions included in their packages. And if they are not included, then they usually have the engagement session as an add-on feature. Many couples may think that the engagement session is not a necessity, and don’t want to add the session to their packages. Our couples continuously ask us why we include the engagement sessions in our collections, and it is understandable about the confusion.

Couples may think that the engagement session is just for getting that one shot to place in the newspaper, but that is not quite the case. We as photographers love engagement sessions and see them as a great way to get to know the couple. It allows us to break the ice and feel out the couple. We get to understand the couples comfort level and personalities. We also learn which angels are best for the couple. But the most important factor of having the engagement session, is to allow the couple to get to know us and feel comfortable with us and the camera.

Being in front of the camera for the first time on a day that is sometimes nerve racking already can be overwhelming.  We have noticed that on engagement sessions, it usually takes about 30 minutes for the couple to relax and be natural. Yet, if there is no engagement session, the couple rarely feels completely relaxed during their photo time at their wedding.

To make the best of your wedding day, we highly recommend having an engagement session to make yourself at ease in front of the camera.  Your wedding pictures will reap the benefits!

Love Shoot by The Feds

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  1. Houston Wedding Photographers


    Great article! Engagement sessions are extremely important for both the couple and photographer to get to know each other. Most importantly, the couple can gain experience working with their photographer and get comfortable in front of a camera. Perfect practice for the wedding!

    Check out our article, “6 Powerful Reasons An Engagement And Bridal Session Will Dramatically Improve Your Wedding Photographs”, for more great information on this topic!