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Ashley Asks: Is there a wholesale flower market in DC?

I miss the Flower District in LA. Now that I’m living near Washington DC is there a similar wholesale flower market near me?

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  1. Ashley


    I’m a DIY bride for most things and it’s just so much more fun (and easier) to go pick out each flower yourself a few days before the wedding versus ordering online from photos but the prices in some retail shops can get expensive with the quantities needed for a wedding. I hope some folks in the DC area can give me some ideas of places to go around Christmas.

  2. Maya


    There are a number of farmers markets in the district, and some of them have a good floral collection. Here is a list I found:

  3. Ashley,
    There are several wholesale florists on Florida Ave. in DC. Years ago you had to be a business with a license before you could purchase. They did not allow walk in customers. I will check to see if any local wholesalers allow the general public to purchase. I have heard about the flower district in New York and CA. but unfortunately I have never been so it is hard for me to know what to compare it to. I do believe the farmers markets are you best bet in this area. Thank goodness it is Spring. You should have lots of choices very soon.